family grown organic microgreens

microgreens are one of the most nutrient dense foods on our planet

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Inspired by a series of unfortunate events, Brown Acres is dedicated to the growth, harvest and delivery of family-grown, spray-free, organic microgreens.

Our vision is to educate the community about how tasty and nutritious these farm-fresh superfoods are, while aiming to grow as sustainably and resourcefully as possible.

Microgreens contain greater amounts of nutrients and health-promoting micronutrients compared to larger quantities of mature vegetables – smaller amounts can provide similar nutritional benefits.

Microgreens are young vegetable shoots, that contain 4-40 times more nutrients than their fully grown counterparts. Not to be confused with sprouts, while they may look similar, Brown Acres microgreens are grown in soil, and not hydroponically like sprouts (and other non-organic microgreens). Sprouts are also harvested only a few days after germination, meaning they are not nearly as nutrient rich as microgreens are.

It’s an easy and delicious way to get high potency nutrients into your diet (without having to eat an entire broccoli to get the same, if not more, nutritional benefits!).

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nutrient boost brownies
Sunny Side Pesto
Ingredients 50g Brown Acres Sunflower Microgreens 2 whole garlic cloves, or 1 teaspoon minced ginger ½ cup chickpeas ...
Sweet As Smoothie Bowl
Ingredients 1 Banana (fresh or frozen) 50g Brown Acres Pea or Sunflower Microgreens ...