the brown acres story

From tragedy to new beginnings

Don and Jess, owners and founders of Brown Acres holding some of their products

While we are kept busy growing our children, chickens, and a few four-legged friends…

We are also lovingly growing microgreen superfoods which we will deliver to restaurants, supermarkets and wholesalers, on the day they are harvested.

We founded Brown Acres after a series of unfortunate events. Jess’s brother “Brown” passed away from diabetes, and Don had a bad ankle injury. We set out and discovered microgreens tasty treats were really only being used as a garnish in restaurants.

This inspired us to grow, harvest and deliver ‘family grown, spray free, organic’ microgreens, harvested on day of delivery.

Our vision is to educate the community about how tasty and nutritious these farm-fresh superfoods are.

With so many benefits, nutrient-packed goodness and ways to use our microgreens, we are passionate about what we are doing.

Jess and Don, the founders of Brown Acres and their family